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Mission and Vision

¡Somos Los Jaguares!

Mission Statement:

The Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary program is designed to provide students with a high quality bilingual and biliterate education, building a foundation to achieve success K-12 and beyond. 

Program Description:

Buena Vista is a 90/10 descending Spanish Immersion Program. Buena Vista starts as a 90/10 Spanish Immersion Program, then decreases gradually and ends with 50/50 Spanish Immersion in grade 5. The levels of immersion by grade are as follows: 90/10 in grades K–1; 80/20 in grade 2; 70/30 in grade 3; 60/40 in grade 4; 50/50 in grade 5. We uphold 4J District’s values of excellence, equity, and choice.

School Highlights:

Buena Vista is dedicated to academic excellence in a caring and stimulating environment. Our focus is on producing children who are bilingual and bicultural in English and Spanish. We encourage our students to demonstrate Respect, Pride, Safety and Friendship to all people in all places. These four standards are the foundation of everything we do at our school. We believe a well-rounded education is the basis for a successful future.

  • Commitment to literacy in Spanish and English
  • Commitment to cultural awareness and proficiency
  • Smartboard, document camera and Lightspeed voice enhancement system in every classroom
  • One-to-one student learning device (iPad) ratio
  • Outstanding Music and PE programs
  • Active parent involvement and outstanding Buena Vista Parent Organization (BVPO)
  • Field trips utilized to enhance learning outcomes
  • School expectations and procedures are taught through our Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) program
  • Amity Interns from Spanish speaking countries