Volunteer at BV!

Volunteer Criminal Background Check

Dear Parents,

The school district requires criminal background checks on all volunteers who will be performing tasks that could put them in close and unsupervised contact with students.   Our purpose is to help assure parents and the community that our students are safe while at school. You may already know that all school employees complete a more extensive criminal check before they are hired.

Volunteers who meet one or more of the following criteria must fill out our confidential volunteer background check application:

  • the volunteer will have unsupervised contact with students;
  • the volunteer has a regular and ongoing assignment at the school;
  • the volunteer will be off campus with students in an unsupervised situation, including driving students on field trips;
  • the volunteer is a mentor to a student or students;
  • the volunteer is a coach or activity director; or
  • the volunteer is unknown to the school or department staff.

If you would like to volunteer in our building, and are not a currently approved volunteer, please complete the confidential volunteer background check application at www.helpcounter.net/eugeneIf you do not have internet access, please contact the school office to set up a time to use the volunteer computer station.

A criminal conviction will not automatically disqualify a person from volunteering in a school. We will consider each situation individually and any decision may be appealed to the 4J Communications Department.

Our schools very much depend on the contributions of volunteers! If you have any questions about this rule or about volunteer opportunities at our school, please contact the school office or your student’s teacher.


Directora Ibarra