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Recaudación de Fondos/Pizza Fundraiser

Hoja de Cupón de Papa’s Pizza por $15.00

Hoja de Cupón/Coupon Sheet

Familias de BV-

Tenemos unos días más para vender los cupones de Papa’s Pizza! Favor de preguntarle a todas las personas posibles para que compren uno. Pregúntele a su familia, compañeros de trabajo, amigos de facebook, y vecinos. Cuestan $15 pero hay más de $100 en ahorros. 100% del dinero de las compras va directamente a Buena Vista.
Los sobres y el dinero deben de ser entregados a la maestra(o) de su estudiante el martes 17 de enero!
Los cupones serán entregados el viernes 20 de enero.
Recuerde que cada con cada cupón que vendan se les dará un tiquete para una rifa. Los tiquetes para la rifa se van a escoger al azar para ver quien obtiene el premio. Entre más hojas vendan, más oportunidades de que puedan subir al autobús de video juegos. Los que vendan 20 hojas de cupones van a subir al autobús automáticamente!
Premios pequeños se pueden obtener por vender 1, 10, y 20 hojas de cupones.
Favor de contactarme con alguna pregunta o inquietud.
Vendan, vendan, vendan!
BV families-
We have a few more days to sell Papa’s Pizza Coupons!  Please ask as many people as you can to buy one.  Ask your family, friends, workmates, facebook friends, and neighbors.  Remember: They are $15 but over $100 worth of savings.  100% of the money brought in will go directly to Buena Vista.


Envelopes and money collected need to be turned into your child’s teacher on TuesdayJanuary 17th!
Coupons will be delivered on FridayJanuary 20th.
Remember that every coupon sold earns a raffle ticket.  Raffle tickets will randomly be drawn to see who gets on the video game party bus.  The more sheets you sell the better the chance of getting on the video game bus.  Those who sell 20 coupon sheets will automatically get on the bus!
Small prizes will be earned for selling 1 coupon, 10 coupons, and 20 coupons.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Sell, sell, sell!

A Message From 4j About Clean Drinking Water

Dear 4J families,

Eugene School District 4J is taking precautionary steps to ensure safe water supplies. The health and safety of students is a top priority. Based on issues that have arisen in other school districts and concerns expressed in our community, the district is testing for lead in drinking water in all schools and facilities and developing standard protocols to address any issues that are found.


The district has spot tested water for lead in all schools and buildings in the past, including some sampling at every school in 1998. Past testing has not shown widespread issues. Water also is tested at the source. One 4J school, Twin Oaks, has its own well, and EWEB provides water to other schools. Water from both sources is tested regularly as required and found to be safe.


Since spring break, district staff have been doing spot testing of several locations where water samples were identified for concern and fixtures were replaced in 1998.

This preliminary spot sampling has found a few cases of slightly elevated lead levels in samples of water that had sat overnight or longer, in two drinking fountains at Sheldon High School and three little-used sinks located at Roosevelt Middle School, Kennedy Middle School and the district office.


Out of an abundance of caution, in addition to fixing those specific fixtures, the district will:

Provide bottled or filtered water to the four sites with identified issues.

Flush out water sources at all schools in the district every morning before use, in accordance with EPA guidelines. The most likely suspected source of lead in district schools is fittings in older fixtures, manufactured before lead in plumbing fixtures was banned in 1986. Water that remains in pipes and fixtures overnight or for extended periods of time collects more of the materials surrounding it.


This summer, the district will contract with an independent third party to undertake comprehensive, district-wide testing for lead.

All water faucets for drinking and food preparation will be tested, following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) testing guidelines. The district expects to receive the results of testing and address any issues that are found before school resumes in the fall.

If any elevated lead levels are found, the district will take steps to address the cause and provide a safe environment for students and staff. The district will:

Immediately stop the water from being consumed and provide safe drinking water.

Identify and eliminate the source of the lead.

Retest the water to ensure it is safe for students and staff.

Notify parents, students and staff of the results and actions taken.


Eugene School District 4J takes the health and safety of students and staff seriously. Lead in water is a concern because high lead levels can contribute to negative health effects, especially for pregnant women, infants, and young children under 6 years old. If you have any concerns about lead exposure, please contact your healthcare provider. For more information about lead, one good source is

Thank you.